After the Storm: Expert Whole Home Generator Service in New Hampshire

In the aftermath of the fierce winter storms that often batter New Hampshire, many homes and businesses can find themselves plunged into darkness, reliant on backup generators for electricity. Generator Supercenter, a brand synonymous with robust backup power, stands as a beacon of reliability. However, the exceptional performance of these generators post-storm relies heavily on professional servicing by certified technicians like those at Generator Supercenter of New Hampshire.

The Vital Role of Professional Servicing

Whole home generators are built to be durable and efficient, capable of weathering storms and the inevitable outages they bring. Yet, their resilience does not exempt them from the need for regular, professional service. Factors like wear and tear after prolonged operation during and in the wake of severe weather demand skilled attention to ensure optimal functionality.

Professional technicians, like those at Generator Supercenter of New Hampshire, possess the expertise to identify and rectify issues beyond the layperson’s scope. They are adept at assessing wear on essential parts, verifying fluid levels, evaluating battery health, and ensuring the integrity of electrical connections.

What Does Professional Servicing Include?

Professional generator servicing encompasses an array of essential maintenance tasks:

  • Component Inspection and Cleaning: Ensuring no storm debris has compromised the generator’s integral parts.
  • System Diagnostics: Conducting thorough checks to prevent operational interruptions.
  • Fluid and Filter Changes: These are crucial to maintain engine performance, prevent damage, and avoid overheating.
  • Battery Assessment: Includes testing and, if needed, replacing the battery to ensure the generator’s availability in future outages.
  • Load Testing: Verifies that the generator can maintain the necessary power output during an actual power failure.

Why Choose Generator Supercenter of New Hampshire?

James & Matt Sanford lead a team of skilled professionals at Generator Supercenter of New Hampshire, delivering premier whole home generator servicing. Their extensive expertise on Generac models means that no matter the complexity of the issue, the Generator Supercenter’s team can diagnose and correct it promptly, securing your power supply for when it’s needed most.

In the wake of New Hampshire’s winter tempests and the essential dependence on backup power, the superior service for your whole home generator can’t be underestimated. Don’t let the next winter storm be the test of your generator’s mettle. Contact us at 603-731-4003 for immediate assistance or to schedule a service appointment or visit us at 28 Portsmouth Ave, Stratham, NH 03885 to discuss your generator’s needs with our experts in person.

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