Storm-Proofing NH Homes: Preparing Your Generator for the Season

Homeowners in New Hampshire are no strangers to unpredictable weather, especially during storm seasons that bring about power outages and disruptions. As such, it is vital to ensure that your whole home generator is well-prepped and ready to provide reliable power when you need it the most. Here are steps to storm-proof your home by preparing your generator for the season.

Understanding the Importance of Generator Maintenance

Generators are the unsung heroes during storm-induced power outages. They keep our homes warm, our lights on, and our appliances running. However, for them to operate efficiently and safely, regular maintenance is essential. A well-maintained generator can offer peace of mind and reliability during stormy seasons.

Regular Maintenance Checks

Before storm season hits, carry out routine inspections and maintenance. Check for any wear and tear, change the oil, replace spark plugs and air filters, and ensure that all connections are tight and corrosion-free. Operating a generator without regular maintenance can not only reduce its efficiency but may also pose safety risks.

Running a Test Load

Occasionally running your generator under load before a storm can help to identify any operational issues that need addressing. It also ensures your generator is ready to handle your home’s power needs in an emergency.

Fuel Management

Make sure your generator has a fresh supply of fuel, and if it runs on gas, store enough fuel in a safe place. For those with a propane or natural gas-powered generator, ensure your supply is ample and that all connections are secure.

Clear the Area

Ensure your generator is accessible and that the surrounding area is clear of debris and obstructions. A well-placed generator should be away from windows and doors to prevent carbon monoxide from entering the home.

Professional Inspection and Service

If you would rather not perform maintenance yourself, have a certified technician service your generator. This is particularly important after prolonged generator use or if the unit has been idle for an extended period.

Update Your Emergency Plan

Besides preparing your generator, update your emergency plan. Ensure every family member knows where the generator is and understands basic operational procedures. Have emergency numbers, including your local provider, at hand.

Local Expertise

For our New Hampshire residents, connect with local professionals who understand the unique challenges of your area. If you need assistance or have concerns about your whole home generator, don’t hesitate to contact Generator Supercenter of New Hampshire at 603-731-4003 or visit our store at 28 Portsmouth Ave, Stratham, NH 03885. For more information and expert advice, visit our website at Generator Supercenter of New Hampshire.


Remember, the best time to prepare your generator is before the storm season. If you’d like to learn more about generator maintenance or need help preparing for the upcoming season, visit our showroom or give us a call. We’re here to ensure that your home remains a safe and comfortable haven, no matter the weather. Your peace of mind is our top priority.

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