Selecting a Whole Home Generator: Power Solutions for Your Home

As homeowners in New Hampshire, our desire for a reliable power source is as much about necessity as it is about comfort. Winters can be harsh and unpredictable, while summers bring their own brand of outages during storm seasons. In this landscape, a whole home generator doesn’t just provide power; it offers continuity, safety, and peace of mind. Understanding the intricacies of choosing the right whole home generator is critical and begins with an in-depth consideration of the region’s demands and your home’s unique energy needs.

Understanding Whole Home Generators

Generator Supercenter’s lineup of whole home generators offers diverse models to accommodate different requirements and preferences. Unlike portable options, whole home generators are a fixed part of your home’s infrastructure, providing a seamless transition to backup power during an outage automatically. Generac’s industry-leading technology ensures reliability when it’s needed most, but choosing the right generator requires assessing several aspects specific to your situation.

Assessing Your Home’s Power Needs

One of the first steps in the selection process is calculating your home’s energy needs. This entails making a detailed list of the crucial appliances and systems that need to run during a power outage. In New Hampshire, the heating system, refrigerators, well pumps, lights, and other essentials like medical devices are often top priorities. It’s crucial to account for both the running wattage and the starting wattage, as some appliances need more power to start up. A whole home generator that supplies enough capacity to handle this load, with some room to spare for additional appliances or starting surges, is what you should aim for.

Local Climate Considerations

New Hampshire’s climate demands robust solutions. Whole home generators with cold weather kits ensure reliability in freezing temperatures, featuring battery warmers and oil heaters to maintain optimal performance. Consider a model designed to withstand New Hampshire’s winter conditions and include a transfer switch that operates effectively in the cold.

Weighing Portability Against Standby Options

While this guide focuses on whole-home generators, it’s essential to understand the trade-offs with portable options. Whole home generators provide automatic operation, hands-free startup during an outage, and the ability to power the entire house without manual intervention or extension cords. Their permanent installation is a commitment to uninterrupted power that portable models cannot match, making them the preferred choice for many New Hampshire residents.

Fuel Sources and Sustainability

Whole home generators operate on various fuels including natural gas, propane, and diesel. In New Hampshire, where regional accessibility may limit fuel options, it’s worth considering the most practical and sustainable choice. Whole home generators that run on propane or diesel offer viable alternatives to natural gas and can be especially advantageous in remote areas where fuel delivery is reliable, and storage is feasible.

The Value of Local Service and Support

Selecting the right whole home generator is just the start; ongoing local service and support are indispensable. Generator Supercenter of New Hampshire provides knowledgeable installation, experienced maintenance, and responsive warranty services that are invaluable over the lifespan of your generator.

Emphasizing Seasonal Maintenance

After ensuring the right whole home generator is in place, the key to longevity is regular, season-specific maintenance. Preemptively inspecting the unit, particularly as the seasons change, is crucial for New Hampshire homes. Winterization procedures, inspecting for storm damage, and general upkeep ensure your generator remains an unfaltering source of power.

Partnering with New Hampshire Experts

Selecting a whole home generator is a decision underscored by the desire for an uninterrupted lifestyle irrespective of nature’s plans. It’s about safeguarding the warmth of your hearth and the comfort of your family, all year round. Generator Supercenter of New Hampshire, with its unflagging dedication to power security, stands ready to guide you through choosing the ideal whole home generator, whether you’re nestled in the White Mountains or along the seacoast.
We invite you to explore our offerings and solidify your home’s defense against the elements. Our team, attuned to the intricacies of New Hampshire’s weather and power challenges, pledges support, expertise, and services designed to bolster your home’s uninterrupted electricity supply. Visit us at or connect with us at 603-731-4003. Together, let’s ensure that every season is welcomed not with apprehension, but with the confidence of unwavering power and protection.

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